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TRUST US, WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING - The team at Jackwest have spent their careers creating technical footwear for globally recognized athletic and outdoor brands and we’ve learned a thing or two about construction, balance, geometry, fit, cushioning and overall comfort.  Basically, it’s everything that we’re supposed to be thinking about so that our consumer doesn’t have to.

FOAM MAGIC - Having great foam is hard to come by.  It takes the right skill and experience to create a superior injection foam formula that provides amazing cushioning yet also gives excellent structure, balance, rebound and durability.  When you hit on the right foam formula, you simply know it.  And Jackwest has it.  It’s called Rekofoam.

MATERIALS - Along with our world-class Rekofoam, we also use recycled water-resistant suede leather; engineered soft-molded foam for our straps; engineered two-piece stretch webbing toe-post that literally took 6 months to develop and refine; and Italian brand Alcantara™ who provide an incredibly soft butter-like leather material for our linings.  Plus, Alcantara is certified carbon neutral company.  Bellissimo. 

CRAFTSMANSHIP - There is a reason why we manufacture in Busan, South Korea and it’s not because of the amazing Korean BBQ.  Instead, it's because our factories simply know how to make world-class footwear.  There is a right way, and a not-so-right way in designing and manufacturing footwear.  Working along side footwear experts who understand innovative shoemaking and who pay attention to the details, we definitely do it the right way.  That’s how we roll.   

Now, pass the BBQ.  

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